Agricultural Law Section

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Welcome to the Member Community for the NSBA Agricultural Law Section. This Section is dedicated to improving professional knowledge and skill in the agricultural law field, including: (a) agriculture generally, that is the science and art of production of plants and animals useful to the human community; (b) agricultural economics; (c) agricultural credit and security; (d) governmental regulation; (e) commercial transaction; (f) agricultural cooperatives; (g) agricultural taxation; and (h) environmental controls and civil liabilities.

 We are delighted to offer this interactive forum to our members. If you have questions or ideas for how we can improve this community and its resources, we want to hear from you. This is, after all, your section and our success is dependent on your active participation. Please send your questions and ideas to your section leaders:

Chair: David L. Bracht   Vice Chair: Barry D. Geweke   Secretary: Stephen D. Mossman 
Treasurer: Russ Barger
Executive Committee: Andrew Spader, Andrew Vinton, Kay Prather, Kristen Hassebrook, Dan Lindstrom, Christin Lovegrove.